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23 Darwin Road Outer Kaiti, 4010

23 Darwin Road , Outer Kaiti, 4010
1659 m2
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Year Built
Last Sale information not available

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An estimate of value is not currently available for this property. There could be insufficient property information or recent sales data. The property could be out of scope (e.g. non-residential, highly unique, rural) or the estimate cannot be determined with high enough confidence.

About 23 Darwin Road, Outer Kaiti, Gisborne, 4010

23 Darwin Road, Outer Kaiti, Gisborne, 4010 is a Residential property with 0 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 0 parking spaces. Due to insufficient data, the value of the property cannot be estimated.

It is unknown when the property was last sold or how much it was sold for. On 1 September 2020, 23 Darwin Road, Outer Kaiti, Gisborne, 4010 had a Rating Valuation with a Capital Value of $229,000 and Land Value of $229,000.

Property History

2 Jun 2021BY NEGOTIATIONPrice Not Disclosed
Present Day
2 Jun
By Negotiation — Price Not Disclosed
Property Built

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Rating Valuation

Capital Value
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Legal Description(s)

Lot 2 Deposited Plan 9254

Valuation Date
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Additional Information

Roof Construction
Residential Zone A, 9A
Units of Use
Wall Construction
Maori Land
Territorial Authority
Gisborne District
Land Use

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