Selling Property

Selling your home isn’t as straightforward as setting a price and having a buyer agree to it. Regardless of whether you’re selling your home privately or through a real estate agent, you will need to decide how you want to sell, how much you are asking for and ensure you property is in the right condition to get the best offers.

The best approach is to do a combination of your own research and seek professional advice, make sure you understand what you are being told and what the potential implications of your decision are.

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What's it Worth?

There are a number of ways to understand the value of your property ranging from free to a few hundred dollars. You can go it alone and compare properties with similar rating valuations and features in the area that have sold recently, you can get in touch with your local real estate agent for an appraisal, purchase a Property Report or a Full Market Valuation or both. A combination of a few of these options can give you a good indication of what your property will likely sell for.

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Preparing to Sell

Before you open your home up to potential buyers, you need to consider both the presentation of your home and how you would like to present your property through marketing material. Buyers don’t always get past the initial look, and might not take the time to see the true potential of your property if you do not get the basics right.

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Selling Options

There are more options than ever available for selling property, whether you choose your local real estate agent or to go it alone do so as informed as possible. Understand every part of the sales process from setting a price to negotiating the sale, know your area and the market to decide the best sales option for you.

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